Aviva Elite Developers Digital Marketing

Aviva Elite Developers Digital Marketing

Aviva Elite Developers is a technology-first construction company that leverages modern technology, standardisation, and world-class project management to provide quality and affordable construction solutions to consumers in Uganda. Their flagship product, Built For You™, provides affordable, high-quality pre-designed houses for aspiring homeowners. We aim to make homeownership accessible to more people by offering a wide range of pre-designed options at price points that are within reach of the average Ugandan.

Website: Aviva Elite Developers

The Problem

As a new Business, Aviva required a website as well as a massive awareness campaign to create visibility in the industry and secure new clients.

The Solution

We created a world-class communication, Social media and Digital marketing strategy that correctly positioned Aviva as both a powerhouse and a thought leader in the construction industry.

The website we designed for Aviva effectively showcases the company as the first construction firm pioneering new technology in construction reflecting its tech-first approach for its customers.

The Impact

With our efficiently scaled communications and digital marketing Aviva has established and enhanced their brand identity through compelling content, and marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness. This is especially important for a newly launched company as it helps establish a strong presence in the market 

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