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Tennis specialists BABOLAT  commissioned a documentary video on  Kids Closer To Sports; Children who cannot afford to go to school spend their time playing tennis on a makeshift dirt court in the middle of a garden.
The documentary is an inspirational captivating story of the lives of these children, their love for the sport as well as their coach Ben who trains them.

The Problem

Babolat was looking to tell the amazing story of Ben, a tennis coach in Kyegegwa district that teaches disadvantaged children and youth the art of Tennis with a makeshift tennis court he built himself from scratch with his own hands and meagre resources.

This was their first time doing business in Uganda and it proved to be a daunting task making sure they picked the right production company to get their specific vision across as well as delivering equipment being donated to Kids Closer to Sports to help improve their skills and learning of Tennis.

The Solution

We not only handled the shipping and delivery of the sports equipment safely and securely to Ben and the Kids but also produced a touching documentary that really told Ben’s story his way. We captured the essence of the game from the young players’ perspective and highlighted a core Babolat value; Persevering, not giving up at the first hurdle, and pushing ourselves to the limits.

The Impact

The documentary raises awareness about the challenges faced by underprivileged communities in Uganda and the transformative power of sports like tennis. It can inspire viewers to take action or support similar initiatives aimed at empowering disadvantaged individuals through sports The provision of tennis supplies can directly impact the skill development of aspiring tennis players in Uganda. With access to proper equipment, individuals in underprivileged communities can improve their training and practice, leading to enhanced skills and potential opportunities for advancement in tennis

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