Cocao Latitudes

Cocao Latitudes

Latitude Chocolate is a is a vertically integrated social enterprise producing speciality cocoa and craft chocolate in Uganda. Latitude produces chocolate with real consciousness. On top of producing delicious homegrown chocolate, Latitude creates local jobs and sustainably improves incomes for smallholder cocoa farmers throughout Uganda.

Latitude commissioned us to create a video for Cocoa Latitude to showcase the sourcing of Latitude-grown cocoa

The Problem

Cacao Latitude, a pioneering company in sustainable cocoa farming, faces a significant challenge – they have yet to showcase their remarkable story and practices in Uganda through a captivating documentary. Despite their remarkable efforts in promoting sustainable farming, creating local job opportunities, and producing delicious end products, the absence of a visual representation prevented them from effectively conveying their message to a broader audience.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge and harness the power of storytelling, Cacao Latitude urgently required a documentary that would illuminate their journey and inspire others to embrace sustainable cocoa farming. 

That’s where we came in. Through a captivating documentary, Quantum produced stunning visuals that delved deep into the heart of Cacao Latitude’s story, uncovering the remarkable journey they have embarked upon. The documentary is a powerful testament to their commitment to sustainability, local job creation, and the creation of a truly delectable end product.

The Impact

The documentary about Cacao Latitude has had a profound impact on the cocoa industry by raising awareness, inspiring change, influencing policy, strengthening brands, and promoting knowledge sharing. It has the potential to transform perceptions, consumer behaviours, and industry practices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and socially responsible cocoa sector.

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