NIRAS IP Consult commissioned Quantum Dynamics to execute video production services for a video documentary and short promotional videos, the aim of which was to raise local, national and international awareness of the successful completion of the German Refugee Response Fund (GRFF), a 10 million Euro grant funded,  locally-led 5-year programme through the Office of the Prime Minister funded by the KFW Development Bank and implemented by Oxfam and Save the Children International. The videos highlighted the perspectives, roles and impact on affected refugees and local host communities in regard to the programme as well as the roles of key stakeholders, including the Office of the Prime Minister, and critical project achievement numbers. 

The Problem

Having completed the monumental 5-year German Refugee Response Fund project, NIRAS required a competent creative agency to document the great life-changing work the implementing partners and stakeholders had done in the refugee camps. There was a need to travel up north and within Kampala to interview and document all the facilities that had been put in place as well as meticulously document the stories of refugees, host community members as well as the agencies that facilitated this change.

The Solution

We produced a stunning, heartwarming documentary that told a story of collaboration and real positive change. With large numbers of refugees, life in the camps can be quite difficult with refugees facing a number of problems affecting their daily lives including a lack of basic necessities like functional latrines, access to clean drinking water, a lack of educational facilities like classroom facilities, and large school dropouts to mention but a few.

The documentary highlights how The German Refugee Response fund addressed several of these problems in its 5-year run putting in place long-lasting solutions to improve the lives of refugees and host community members.

The Impact

The German Refugee Response Fund being a programme of change and unity,  brought together multiple partners and the hundreds of people who worked collaboratively to help improve the lives of thousands of people, for generations to come. 

In the midst of the difficult lives faced by refugees, there was a coming together, uniting dozens of moving pieces, to impact real positive change and make the lives of refugees and their host communities a little bit better for years to come

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