The Ustawi Collective

The Ustawi collective is a wellness brand and  Ecommerce platform that stocks high quality vetted natural wellness products from local producers ,allowing end consumers  to purchase a wide selection of natural products all in one place.

Website: Ustawi Collection

The Problem

Ustawi was in need of an ecommerce platform for their wellness brand. Ustawi needed a visually stunning,immersive ,one stop shop, user friendly e- store that enabled the sale of their wellness products, an educational resource centre as well as a portal that allowed for collaboration with local producers of wellness and beauty products.

The Solution

We created a stunning website for Ustawi that met all their parameters and exceeded expectations.

The Impact

Quantum’s collaboration with Ustawi enabled the brand to enhance its online presence,added brand credibility,allowed for customer data analytics all while giving Ustsawi global reach. All of this  positively affects the brand’s online visibility, customer experience, and bottom line, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the wellness and beauty brand.

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