Vital Strategies

Vital Strategies

Vital Strategies and KCCA commissioned Quantum Dynamics to produce audio and video content for their “Speeding Kills Slow Down” campaign intended to increase awareness of the dangers of speeding among motorcyclists to the Ugandan public. The key message is that speeding increases the chance of a crash and that the severity of the crash can be deadly.

The Problem

Speeding-related crashes in Uganda claim the lives of approximately 3500 individuals each year, leaving countless families devastated and communities in mourning. The need for urgent action to address this critical issue could not be overstated.

The Solution

We created both Testimonial and Instructional videos and audio to combat this alarming trend and promote road safety. The campaign’s tone was of a serious, hard-hitting nature with an impassioned plea urging the audience to obey traffic rules and stop speeding to save lives.

The Impact

The “Speeding Kills Slow Down” campaign holds immense potential to create a significant and lasting impact on reducing speeding among motorcyclists in Uganda. By raising awareness, encouraging behaviour change, fostering collaboration among authorities and riders, this campaign can save lives, prevent injuries, and promote a culture of responsible driving. 

Through this campaign we can work towards a safer and more secure future for all Ugandan road users, ensuring that no more lives are lost to speeding-related crashes

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